Well, it’s just another shotof M81 and M82. With a bit of a difference this time because I finally got enough data to bring out parts of the M81s spiral.

Both galaxies in the image are situated 12 million light years from Earth. Yes, that’s right; the photograph shows us what the galaxies looked like 12 million years ago. Hence the title of the blog

It was a very frustrating night fighting with high winds, occassional rain and LOADS of clouds (normal I know), but just as I was about to pack it up the sky cleared! I used 12 3-minute subs and 8 6-minute subs giving a total of 84 minutes of exposure time. Would have had more but I spent about an hour searching for a guidestar with the NexImage (as I somehow killed my B&W SC1.5 Toucam ) .

Anyway, enough babble, here’s the image!!!

If you want the full size image it’s here http://farm1.static.flickr.com/150/415576431_af41022081_o.jpg


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