Lunar Conjunction with Saturn

What a sight! It’s 22:35 on Friday night and Saturn has moved to within 10 arc minutes of the Moon.

Visually Saturn is clear in the Megrez 90FD but on a blue-white background caused by the lunar glare. It looks incredible (and painful due to the moon being so bright and Saturn so much dimmer).

Got a shot of it with my B&W SC1.5 Toucam

NexImage + William-Optics Megrez 90FD
About 800 frames stacked for the moon and about 400 at a slower rate for Saturn.

saturn moon conjunction

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  1. Niraj

    You are probably right. If the mass of Jupiter chgnead appreciably the orbits of the other planets in our solar system could be affected (including earth’s). Of course you’d need to smack Jupiter with something huge to change it’s mass appreciably, and the only things I could think off would be another planet. This is all highly unlikely so I wouldn’t count on it being a source of climate change here on earth.

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