I was surprised to get this shot. I’ve tried to obtain it a few times using a Sac10 but never had any luck. The QHY 6 is WAY more sensitive though (though one does pay for this with a huge drop in resolution).

Would have loved to have got the widefield with the Flaming Star nebula in there as well but the field of view on this teensy camera is, well, teensy.

Taken from a very light polluted Salthill, Galway so the IDAS filter came in handy. Must try this again some time with the Baader 7nm H-alpha filter.

Megrez90 on ASGT, guided with PHD & B&W webcam through a WO66 & GPUSB + IDAS filter.

Stacked in Deep Sky Stacker
Curves, levels & merged the three resultant stacks in Photoshop.

Click for a larger pic.

IC434 - The Horsehead Nebula

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