Finally! This is a composition I tried to capture on a few occasions with my Sac10 CCD imager. Never had much luck because the SAC was not very sensitive at all.

Now here’s a shocker. I upgraded my 7D to a stock Canon 30D (unmodded) and am using the 30d on the scope now. Iit will pick up NGC 1977 in 30 seconds, whereas the Sac could not do so in 2 minutes! The one main difference in the two systems is that I used an IDAS LPS-P1 filter with the sac10 and now have a CLS filter for the EOS 30D

Anyway, here’s the shot of M42, M43 and NGC1977 (Running Man).

M42 is the brightest star forming region in the sky, situated a mere 1400 light years from Earth, so what you are seeing is what the nebula looked like 1400 years ago. NGC 1977 is a much dimmer reflection nebula.

Megrez90 on ASGT, guided with PHD & B&W webcam through a WO66 & GPUSB.

20×120 sec for main nebula & NGC1977
30×30 sec for larger core
20×2 sec for the trap
Each stack created in Nebulosity
Curves, levels & merged the three resultant stacks in Photoshop.

Astronomik EOS Clip CLS filter

Click for a larger pic!!!

M42 NGC1970 Orion and the Running Man Nebula

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