Anyone who follows the blog probably noticed that there haven’t been any updates for a while (apart from the M27 I posted this morning). Reason being that I’m literally up the walls with work – have two major sites go live over the month.

The weather has been unbelievable poor over the last two months anyway so in the meantime I have been building a 12.5 inch truss-tube Dobsonian – yes, so much for downsizing eh? So far the 2ndry cage is complete and I am working on the mirror box. It seems to be coming together quite nicely and I intend on post an article with the plans, photos and construction notes once I have tested it. Hopefully this will be helpful to others who are gripped by aperture fever.

So why build this? Well, I had two 8″ scopes in the past and downsized due to wanting a quick setup. A 12.5″ truss tube is going to be about the same weight (or less) as this setup + it will be far quicker to setup – no alignment, no motors, no fiddling with polar alignment, etc.

So soon I will have this scope for visual deepsky stuff and will still use my APOs for imaging – weather dependant of course

So if you’re thinking of making a telescop, stay tuned, I will post details soon.


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